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Introducing: House of the Sensual Arts

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to Laura Jane Belle; today, I am introducing you to our joint adventure - and the third member of our team - Andreina.

Laura, Andreina and I have teamed up, and together, we are developing House of the Sensual Arts - a collaboration which will see us create an exclusive package for our clients, which will assist us all in reaching our goals as business owners, while also meeting the delicate needs of our target audience - the romantics!

The three of us were definitely brought together by Destiny. We all recently began our own ventures into our new businesses and whilst each of our businesses has its own field, they all have the same core values and goals in common.

I met Laura through a mutual friend and then I met Andreina via Laura; the three of us immediately hit it off, having discovered that we share the same aspirations and are all treading the same exciting path towards our dreams of helping others in our very niche ways.

So, before I delve further into House of the Sensual Arts and the plans we are making, I am sure you are wondering who we are, what do we do and where we want to take ourselves in business...

...let me tell you:

Evelyn M

Interior Designer

I am Evelyn - Evie to my friends and familiars; I'm a fully qualified interior designer, focussing primarily on bedrooms. The bedroom is the most important and most exciting room in the house for me; it is the room we need to do the most for us. The bedroom needs to help us to relax and re-energise after long days at work; it needs to help us to recover when we are unwell, to assist us through those days when we struggle to simply survive.

But, aside from this, it also needs to inspire us to explore our hidden depths; it needs to encourage us to feel romantic, influence us to delve into our fantasies and open us up to our desires. The bedroom needs to call us into it; it needs to entice us, arouse us and support us in connecting with our loved ones. It needs to be comfortable and luxurious; warm and comforting - and it needs to be personal to us, our loves and our lives together.

It is my goal to create romantic, sensual bedrooms for people, whether they are single or otherwise and, where needed, to help couples to reignite the passion in their relationships through creative, intuitive and seductive design.

Whether you've been married for decades and lost your connection along the way, you're a young couple with small children who have taken over your lives - or you're simply a single person looking to invite a connection into your bedroom - I hope to help you to reconnect with romance, rediscover your passion and rekindle the spark of desire that you've been lacking.

I am a huge lover of bold, dramatic decor; layering fabrics, accessories and colours for a sumptuous feeling and theatrical effect - but I can also do subtle and paired back when it's needed. I'm a Gemini, which means I find it quite easy to immerse myself in different styles, dependant on the client I am working for; if it's your passion, it will become mine too.

I have always been a romantic soul; I love love. I spend most of my days dreaming about romance and the life I long to live; the business I long to thrive in (this), the home I long to create (a lovely, large-but-cosy Victorian villa with a beautiful garden, filled with sweet pea, peony, hollyhocks... cottage garden flowers!), the car I long to drive (an Audi TT, Lexus LC500 or Mazda 6 Coupe are my dream cars!)... the husband I long to be with (a man with class; down to earth, kind, empathetic and passionate. Someone who shares my interests, so that we can work together as a team) and the love, support, encouragement - and passion - I long for us to have. When I'm not dreaming up designs for potential clients, reading my books or tending to my garden - this is what I'm doing in-between - although, I'm usually doing this at the same time as those things too, if I'm honest! Fantasy is our friend; it helps to keep us feeling optimistic, hopeful and excited. We all need a little fantasy - and we all need bedrooms that inspire us to fantasise.

Romance, in my opinion, is the greatest gift you could offer your loved one. To give someone your time, your efforts - your unconditional love and affection - and your consideration, whilst they are outside of your company; to let them know they are on your mind, even when they are away from you, is such a special thing. Romance isn't just about giving gifts; it's about taking notice of their needs, learning about what they love - or dislike - and remembering the little things they tell you about themselves.

It's about knowing their favourite meal, or the way they like their tea (and surprising them with one in bed) - remembering their favourite flower, perfume, or book, or taking the time to send them a message of support on a stressful day - or simply a text to let them know you miss them. It's about considering their needs and making the effort to meet them. It's compromise, encouragement and telling them you're proud of them, or that you appreciate the things they do. It's hugs from behind, little kisses on the forehead and a secret smile as you watch them from your chair.

Romance isn't all about spending money; it's mostly about showing you care - on good days, bad days and all the days in between. It's about making someone feel truly loved, reminding them how special they are and how much they mean to you. Every day.

Laura - AKA Belle Lauralei

Women's Erotic Guide & Sensuality Coach

Laura is a qualified sexual therapist, as well as being the owner and founder of Belle Empire & Belle Erotica - vintage emporium, lingerie store, wellness events and coaching classes. Laura spent many years being a dancer on stage before an injury made it difficult for her to continue; but aside from this, Laura also has decades of experience in other areas too - from cosmetics to clothing design, modelling agencies to management roles, and shopping events to workshops - Laura is definitely a 'mistress of many' trades.

Laura is currently working on developing the lower level of her store into a sensual space to hold her many women's workshops and events and if you visit her website, you'll discover a selection of ticketed classes to choose from - from sensual and erotic adornment, erotic healing, erotic initiation, strip tease lessons and more. Laura is a font of knowledge when it comes to all things seductive.

Laura's goal is to help women and couples to explore their inner desires; she wants to help women to feel more accepting of their sensual side and to teach them how to confidently use their inner-erotica to connect with themselves and their partners in the bedroom and beyond. She aims to help people to learn, experience and access the parts of themselves that bring pleasure, joy and fulfilment to their lives in a way that brings them contentment and happiness, and helps to strengthen their connection with one another.

Laura has advertised herself as a sensuality coach for a few years now; she believes sensuality is about tuning into your senses, being present and gaining pleasure from all that is available to you. It is opening yourself up to the sights, sounds, smells, tactility and tastes that life has to offer. To Laura, the erotic is the connection to our sexual soul; pleasure via the art forms of love and Eros. It is playful, but also deeply soulful at the same time.

"We all have our own, unique erotic blueprint which we need to delve into, learn about and experience in order to satisfy our mind and body" - Laura


Creator of Sexual Experiences

Andreina creates the most beautiful, sophisticated adult 'toy boxes' I have seen. Her company is Art Du Sexe and each of her boxes are curated for different stages of your sexual relationship - whether you're single and learning about your own body, newly coupled and experimenting with each other or long-term married and looking to reignite the passion, there is a box designed especially for you, with carefully thought-out products and seductive instructions to set the scene and teach you how to use each item.

Andreina's products are classy, attractive and extremely tactile; they feel velvety smooth and are a joy to hold. You'll find no tacky pink vibrators, or garishly green dildos in Andreina's boxes; if you're looking for luxury, elegance and high-quality items, then look no further than Art du Sexe.

Andreina's goal is to help women and couples to explore their sexuality on a deeper level, without shame, embarrassment or intimidation. She wants to teach people that exploring your own sexual relationships should be fun and inspiring and that it is something we should all do more of - to learn about ourselves most importantly, but also to learn about each other.

Andreina has spent weeks away in Europe, learning all about her area of expertise, with many an eye-opening experience! Her adventures have taught her everything she needs to know in order to help to guide others into a more fulfilled and joyful sex life and she has put so much effort into every detail of her wonderful packages of pleasure - from the box itself, to the lovingly tied instructions, the beautifully wrapped parcels and the considered bags that hold each item - Andreina's eye for detail is as sharp as her knowledge and the advice she can give.

To Andreina, sexuality is about being connected to yourself and it is an important part of who we are. Pleasure is enjoyment and is the result of satisfaction. Feeling pleasure helps us in so many ways; to feel more confident, to develop better self-love, better relationships with our bodies and with those around us.

"In my eyes, sexuality is empowering at a physical and emotional level" - Andreina

The Package

While we have created 'House of the Sensual Arts' as a separate instagram page, this is just to advertise the package we will offer and the events we will host as a collaborative. We will still be working under our individual businesses, Evelyn M Interiors, Belle Empire / Belle Erotica and Art Du Sexe - and we will still be doing our own thing, separately from one another.

The House of the Sensual Arts package is still in progress, but our plans are to offer clients the luxury of our joint expertise for one price. The package will include interior design from Evelyn M for your bedroom (and en-suite if required) or a separate 'room of erotica' elsewhere in your house, to give you the romantic, sensual space you need to engage your senses and be inspired to explore your partner (or yourself), one-to-one sensual coaching and erotic guidance from Belle Lauralei, to help you to connect with your sensual side, open up and explore yourself and your loved one in ways that will guide you into passionate experiences together; and a beautiful package of intimate play items for you to discover and experiment within the comfort, safety and privacy of your own romantic space at home.

We also plan on creating events and retreats for couples to attend, where they can learn about our services and have an evening, day or weekend filled with fun, advice and activities. These are a way off yet, but it is something we speak about often and are very excited to launch as soon as we are able.

Killing the Stigma

As a threesome, one of the things we long to do is to help kill the stigma around the sexual side of romance. Words have such an impact on how we feel, and we'd like to understand how you feel about the words you see related to intimacy.

We all have our favourite words to describe something and those words have varied meaning for all of us. The way we were raised, the beliefs that were instilled within us and the way society reacts to certain words, has a large effect upon how we see them, ourselves.

For me, 'sensuality' is my favourite word to describe intimacy and the intimate designs I plan to create. To me, sensuality means romance, love, lust, attentiveness - and sex - all in one word. It sounds gentle, classy and has an air of subtlety to it that I feel fits in more with my personality than some of the other words we can use. I'm not a huge character; I'm fairly shy, somewhat reserved and (I hope) very feminine in my ways; I love to engage my senses in everything I do and, as someone with High Functioning Autism, the sensory factor is extremely important for me in daily life - so 'sensuality' pretty much sums up what I aim to create in the bedrooms I design.

For Laura, 'erotic' is her word of choice. Like her, it is simmering with sexiness and has an edge of excitement to it.

Laura's personality is extremely feminine; she comes across wonderfully confident and teasingly graceful - like those extravagantly glamorous women of times gone by. She always looks effortlessly elegant and she has an aura of seduction about her. Erotic is a word that fits very well with her; and it perfectly describes what she holds dear.

For Andreina, 'pleasure' and 'empowerment' are the words she loves. They are the two main emotions she gets from exploring her own sexuality and are the two emotions she gives to others when she helps them to delve into theirs.

Andreina is a beautiful soul; she is very sweet with a touch of tantelising spice! Her wonderful accent, together with her knowledge, really pulls you in when she is speaking and learning all about what she does and the products she supplies is a truly fascinating experience. I could listen to her talk about butt plugs all day; I never thought I'd say that!

But if you look up some of these sexual words in the thesaurus, you'll notice the stigma in print: lewd, dirty, salacious; explicit, crude, vulgar... it's no wonder so many people can't see these words without feeling intimidated.

Coarse, lubricious, smutty... it's hardly surprising that people read 'sexy shopping', or 'erotic evening' and get nervous; and with so many 'erotic' outlets being about bondage on one end of the scale and over-the-top witchy-woo-woo at the opposite end, it's not at all hard to see why people are easily put off when they see the words on paper. It isn't at all surprising that people don't want to associate themselves with erotic events - especially when so many are, in fact, orgies or swinger's parties in disguise!

*Absolutely no judgement here if you are into any of these things; they are not anything to feel ashamed of - but they are the extreme end of erotica and sensuality, especially to those who haven't explored yet.

I was exactly the same before I met Laura; I had been into erotica and sensuality for my whole adult life, but I'd never admitted it to others, because I knew they would automatically imagine me engaging in all sorts of secret debauchery (also one of my favourite words, by the way!). But when I met Laura - and then Andreina - I realised there are others out there, like me, who see the more sensitive side to sexuality; the romantic, mysterious, theatrical, sophisticated and creative side.

In today's world, we shouldn't still be scared of these words; we shouldn't still see them and automatically jump to the assumption that it's weird, creepy or perverted. Because it isn't.

Of course, there will always be the minority who fit into these less favourable connections, but they are not the majority and those connections are not within our little collaboration at House of the Sensual Arts. Here, we believe in beauty, romance and delight. When we use these words, we mean them in their purest form: seductive, alluring, passionate. We use them with love, respect and connection.

We aren't working towards getting you all into leather and a PVC gimp mask and neither are we planning on sitting in a circle, holding hands and chanting about Gods and Goddesses! We simply want to help you to explore yourselves and your partners, within the privacy of your own home (and without us, of course!) - and we want to help you to see the beauty in the sensual - in yourselves, your partners and your surroundings. That's all there is to it!

So, please don't feel intimidated; please don't be afraid to reach in and explore. We are here as friends, with ideas and a joint passion for romance and romantic feelings, which we'd love to share with all of you.

So, come along to an event - we have one on the evening of Friday December 9th, if you're interested (here's the link!) - talk to us online and share us with your friends. We are just three lovely ladies and we definitely don't bite (not just anyone, anyway - we need to get to know you first!).

And that is everything you need to know for now. I hope this has been an interesting read - that you are feeling more open to the idea of exploring with us and getting to know all about our joint venture. Please do follow our new page and please give Laura and Andreina a follow, too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read; I look forward to speaking to you again soon.

Lots of love!

Evelyn M


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