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Christmas Decorations to Suit your Home

Okay, so I'm not feeling at all festive this year; with so much going on in my personal life, Christmas has taken a seat even further back than it has done for the last few years. But, I know that a lot of you are already excited for the festivities and are already decorating your homes for the season (and have been doing so for the entirety of November, you lunatics!). So, I've decided to write a blog about some of the decoration options available this year to suit your homes; because, let's face it, even those of us who aren't excited about Christmas still get a little excited about pretty baubles and fancy garlands!

I love glass baubles; but as with everything I'm involved in within the home (and in my own personal style, actually), I struggle to settle on one theme when it comes to my Christmas tree and therefore, other rooms in the house tend to get a little bit of Christmas splashed into them, so I can indulge in more than one of my favourite colour-ways or designs.

Last year, after years of decorating my tree with cool white lights and iridescent glass baubles, I decided I wanted a warmer tree, too. So the kitchen ended up having it's own tree with warm white lights and a mixture of gold and select-colour baubles, from oyster shells, figs and pomegranates, to golden palm trees, pineapples and my new favourite - little greenhouses. So cute!

The master bedroom still has a peacock bauble on each side of the curtain pole and, in the tropical room, I used to decorate a tiny tree with tropical themed decorations; but I don't do that anymore... I got tired of the tackiness of tropicana and donated it all to charity for someone else to enjoy.

This year, I'm not going to do a tree at all; but I have a lovely collection of baubles in the cellar that I can't wait to decorate my own home with when I eventually move out of here... and no doubt, I will add even more to my collection - because I'm still planning to have a teal and gold theme at some point!

Anyway - let's get on with it, shall we?

The Maximalist's Cocktail Room

If you're like me, then you have a cocktail room - or at the very least, a cocktail cabinet, trolley, or a bar somewhere in your house. So why not decorate that dedicated space of fun and frivolity, with its very own Christmas tree?

There are heaps of cocktail and alcohol themed baubles out there today, but here are just a few of my favourite finds. I even included some beer for those of you who like it... though, I think it's dreadfully un-classy! (I'm such a snob!).

The Scandi-Lovers

I love a bit of Scandi design. It isn't anything I have at home, but I really see the appeal in it. It's warm and cosy, light, bright and airy; it's uncluttered, comfortable and so neat and tidy.

Here are some options to create the perfect Scandi tree in your perfectly hygge home.

The Luxe & Opulent Homes

I'm definitely a luxe lover! Anything soft and velvety, gold and glamorous, or dark and mysterious gets my vote - as you will know from my favourite (and yours, it seems!) design to date - the enveloping master bedroom. The entire space is dark and cosy and, blended with its super opulent gold accents, it screams luxe.

So, let's find some perfect decorations for this wonderful bedroom.

The Gothic Manors

There are so many forms gothic design can take, but with careful planning and a creative eye, it can really be taken into elegance. I'm definitely focussing on the classic, beautiful side of gothic here with these examples for your tree (dead, or alive!).

The Coastal Home

I have some oyster shell decorations on my tree and I really love them. They aren't real shells, but real shells are out there and they make beautiful baubles. Here are some ideal hangings for your coastal Christmas!

The Granny-Chic-Floral / Cottage-Core Gang

I'm definitely a little bit granny-chic when it comes to home decor; I love the likes of House of Hackney and Liberty for their full-on cluttered floral designs, especially when it comes to bedrooms. And what could possibly be better than a jam-packed floral Christmas tree for a cottage garden theme? Take a look at these options:

The Kitsch Club

Kitsch. Brightly coloured, cutesy home decor; think flocked busts, colourful chandeliers and classic artwork with graffiti on it - and in other cases, bubblegum lamps, unicorns and flamingo cushions!

For those of you who love colourful lights, white Christmas trees and cute baubles, there's a myriad of examples out there to befit your rainbow rooms! Here are a few of them:


I could have continued forever with this blog, but I need to end it somewhere! I hope I included your home within the selections and that you've found yourself a bauble you don't yet have in your collections.

Until next time - enjoy decorating your homes for Christmas! And thank you, as always, for taking the time to read.

I shall speak to you again soon.

Lots of love

Evelyn M

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