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About Evie


Hello! I’m Evie - owner and designer of Kent-based company, Evelyn M Interiors, specialising in bedrooms.


I’ve had a passion for interior design ever since I was a child and my Mum’s wallpaper used to bother me, because it was hung upside down; but my love of design really came into effect in my teens with the launch of ‘Changing Rooms’ and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s appearance on TV. His flamboyant, romantic and imaginative style caught my attention and made me dream of creating beautiful spaces which would make people smile… and hopefully none that would make people cry (Laurence!).


My biggest love in life is love itself; I am hugely romantic and passionate, and I really enjoy seeing people in love. I have spent many years soul-searching, which has often pushed me backwards, instead of forwards; but one constant thing that has excited and interested me has been romance - especially romance in interior design and - in particular - the bedroom.


So, I finally took the plunge into completing my course and gaining my qualification and did so with a 97% grade distinction. 


Whether your bedroom is your sanctuary - a place to rest and recuperate, the space you retreat to in the evening to snuggle down with a good book, or the room where you and your partner truly connect, in safety and privacy, the bedroom is - in my opinion - the most important room in the house.

Bedrooms shouldn't just be a place to sleep. They should be a haven; a space you want to end up at the end of the day. A place, not only to relax and recover after a long day at work, but also to enjoy your loved one, explore your imagination and let free your inner desires.


A bedroom should be a creative space, as well as a calming one. It should be used for your passions as well as your beauty sleep. A bedroom should be a reflection of you, your partner and your life together.


When your bedroom can be anything you want it to be; it certainly shouldn't be dull and uninspiring.

If your bedroom isn’t fulfilling your needs, get in touch; as a fully qualified interior designer, my services can help you to create the room you've always wanted. After all - you spend nearly 1/3 of your life in bed - so create a bedroom that ensures you want to spend time in it.






One-off Consultation

Kent - £120 for 1 hour

- A one-off consultation to talk about what you need and to see if I can help you.

- In-person or via zoom.

- No obligation to use my services afterwards, but if you do, 50% of the consultation fee will be taken off your package cost.

- Fee dependant on area & travel requirements.

The Refresh (styling package)

from £460 per room

If you like your decor, but you’re unsure how to tie it together with finishing touches, then this is the package for you. We’ll talk about the best soft furnishings, lighting and accessories to use in order to tie your scheme together and make the most of the feeling you wish to get from your bedroom.

This package will include:

  • An initial free chat to discuss your needs and see if we’re a good fit.

  • A non-refundable 1 hour meeting, so I can see your room and get a feel for the space and take photographs.

  • Styling tips and advice.

  • A curated mood board to help you visualise the products in your space, along with advice on where to buy to suit your budget.

  • A styling session in your home, so I can show you how best to display your items, make your bed and set the mood for maximum impact and visual pleasure.


*This package does not include advice on paint, wallpaper, or decorating; furniture, storage or flooring options - or sourcing of products.

The Turn-Down Service (re-design package)

from £800 per room

If you’re looking for an entirely new look for your tired and dated bedroom, this package is the one you need. We’ll discuss everything from paint colours to wallpaper; furniture to fabric choices, window treatments to soft furnishings, flooring to rugs and art work to accessories. 

This package will include:

  • An initial free chat via Zoom/phone call to discuss your needs and find out if I am for you.

  • A non-refundable 1 hour meeting to take photos, measurements and talk more in-depth about the process and brief.

  • A mood board showing my proposal for your design.

  • A floor plan to show you how to make the most of the space.

  • A lighting plan, if required.

  • A second meeting to show you physical samples if needed (alternatively, these ca be posted).

  • Help to source and buy products (any products to be purchased will need to be paid for in advance and will incur a sourcing fee).

  • A final meeting to style and take photos for my portfolio

*Statement headboards will be available at an extra cost.

"Leave the Towels in the Bath"

from £1,200 per room

This package includes everything above, but also includes the en-suite.

If you’d like your bedroom and en-suite to speak the same language, then this package is the one you need.

The Replenishment

£70 per hour

- A scheduled Zoom/phone call to discuss any queries or advice you need post-project completion.

- Minimum charge 30 mins (£35).




If you'd like to discuss your bedroom design, please get in touch for a scheduled phone call.

Evelyn M Lindley

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