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5 Wardrobe Door Solutions for Limited Spaces

There's no doubting that fitted wardrobes are the way to go if you're looking to make the best use of whatever space you have available in your bedroom; as much as we might love that beautiful French armoire online, we aren't all fortunate enough to be able to accommodate what we love, over what we can afford when it comes to having the room.

I've been researching some of the options out there for tight spaces and have chosen my favourite 5 solutions to making the most of the largest wardrobes you can have in the limited space you're given - by choosing your doors wisely.

Here they are:

Choose Sliding Doors

This is probably an obvious option, but sliding doors can really help to maximise the available space you have in your bedroom - allowing you to use whatever limited area you have in front of the doors, which would otherwise swing out. Perhaps you wouldn't have been able to fit a bedside table there with swinging doors, or maybe now you have room to add a floor lamp.

Depending on the shape and size your wardrobes will be, sliding doors are a great solution to smaller bedrooms, not only because they maximise your available space, but also because they look sleek and are easier to blend into the wall, making your room look bigger. You could also opt for mirrored sliding doors, doubling the space instantly and reflecting all that lovely light back into the room.

Go for See-Through Doors

Whilst the idea of seeing all of our belongings might not be such a welcome thought for many of us - those of us with a more curated wardrobe might love this idea. See-through doors can give that antique tailor's look to a room - giving the impression of more space and helping to create depth. Including lighting inside the wardrobes will offer the idea of even more space beyond the clothing and therefore, will make the room feel larger; and adding mirrors to the back wall will extend the space even further back.

If you really can't bear the thought of seeing all of your items hanging in the wardrobe, then you could use reeded glass, or frosted glass as an alternative; this will allow the light to pass through without seeing everything inside, clearly.

Go Bespoke with Tambour Doors

If you're having a bespoke wardrobe fitted, then why not go for a roller shutter instead of a typical door? This would work particularly well with industrial design and floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, giving you enough space at the very top for the shutter to roll up. Not only will this maximise space by freeing up the floor in front of your wardrobe, but it will also allow you to have every door open at once without compromising any room or making it awkward to move.

Install Pocket Doors

If you're having wardrobes built into alcoves, you could install pocket doors to save on space. These clever solutions work by sliding into a pocket, built into the wall, so that they slot away, completely out of sight - freeing up the space around your wardrobe and allowing you full access to the space behind them. Paint them the same colour as your walls for a seamless finish when they are closed.

Use a Curtain

Who says wardrobes have to have doors at all? You could scrap having doors altogether and opt for a beautiful curtain instead. The beauty of this option is that you can change the curtains to fit your decor, no matter how many times you change it - without having to replace the wardrobes altogether. The curtains will add extra warmth and texture to your space, as well as feeling sumptuous and cosy.

This can either give your room a classic, mid-century modern feel, or a very contemporary, elegant hotel vibe; covering entire walls with curtains makes your bedroom feel much warmer and softer, and can also be great for a romantic atmosphere.


And there we have 5 great ways to make the most of your space, by choosing wardrobe doors which aren't the standard hinged variety. There are so many options out there for interiors these days, so I am certain you will find something you love.

If you're stuck about your storage options and need a professional eye - give me a call. I'm more than happy to help you!

Thank you so much for reading.

Speak soon.

Lots of love!

Evelyn M


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