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Autumn Colour Palettes & Decor 2022

With Autumn fast approaching, many of us are rethinking our interior spaces. I'm seeing people all over the internet switching up their styling; replacing summery accessories, bright florals and tropical prints for autumnal blankets, wooly cushions and pumpkins galore! So this got me thinking: what are we going to be seeing a lot of in the coming months?

Despite the rising prices and the changes in weather, we are still decorating our homes. We are coming in from the garden to focus on our inside spaces; and we're getting ready to get cosy in the warm - however we manage to do that this year!

I've been noticing a few design choices popping up over and again recently, so I thought I'd share these with you, as I believe they are going to be things you'll be seeing more and more as autumn replaces our lovely - and already much missed - summer weather.

Let's begin.

Nature Themed Wallpapers & Colour Palettes

Nature has been such a big part of our lives since Covid-19 kept us all locked indoors for months on end; over lockdown, we all learned to appreciate nature in a way we had forgotten to in the years before. Whether we were lucky enough to have gardens, fortunate enough to have a balcony, or unlucky enough to have neither - those of us who weren't key workers were given time to soak in the sun, listen to the birds and breathe in the fresh air. And suddenly, we were made re-aware of something so special that we had all taken for granted; something we had all - in one way or another - abused, or failed to protect the value of.

The past two years since the pandemic started have kept us grateful for nature, and this has been displayed within our interior design choices ever since. And so, as another summer fades away, I think this love of nature and the great outdoors will continue on for some time yet - forever, I hope! It would certainly be a great shame if everyone went back to taking it for granted now.

There is nothing more beautiful than nature; so, whilst I believe we'll be seeing even more leafy, floral and fruity prints as autumn comes along, I'm hoping we'll be seeing them constantly from now on.


And ever.

Every wallpaper designer seems to have released nature inspired prints in the last few years, whether they had done prior to Covid, or not; but one nature-loving designer seems to be popping up more and more recently, as a resurgence in popularity is bringing his designs back to the forefront in interior decor. That designer is no other but my favourite of all time - William Morris.

Ben Pentreath released his second collaboration with Morris & Co. in June this year. Named after its origins in Cornwall, Cornubia speaks of the vibrancy of spring and summer joy - and yet, it seems to be really taking off as the summer comes to an end.

However, it is not only this collaboration that I am seeing a lot of recently; Cornubia seems to have reignited a love for William Morris' designs, old and new; and as a long-time lover of Morris pattern, I couldn't be more delighted!

Seeing William Morris wallpapers regaining popularity is a really heartwarming thing for me; as an interior designer, I long to have many a client who allows me to include Morris into my designs and this gives me hope that I will find plenty of people who love him as much as I do.

Of all the Morris designs out there, I am seeing plenty of Willow and Willow Bough, Pimpernel, Bramble (and Oak Fabric) - and Fruit or Bird & Pomegranate.

But despite Ben's collaboration being reminiscent of the warmer months, his chosen colour palettes can easily take us into the cooler months of autumn, with their golden yellows, yellow-greens and orange hues. And so, with that in mind, let me show you some of the designs I believe we'll be seeing more of as we watch the leaves falling from the trees and the sunshine dimming in the wake of misty mornings.

Of course, it isn't just William Morris I expect to see a lot of this autumn. There are hundreds of wallpaper designs out there, clearly inspired by flowers and plants, trees and woodlands, birds and insects... and every other aspect of nature.

And then of course, it isn't just wallpaper I expect to see displaying our love for the outside world. I expect we'll be seeing colour palettes of greens, blues, russet tones and golden yellows too. All those lovely, autumnal shades and colours that bring us closer to feeling peace and simplicity - like those grassy greens and sky blues we'll all be missing as the year reaches its end and we await the new start of spring.

Cosy Home Accessories

As September moves onward, the interior community is filled with people replacing their bunting and bright cushion covers with cosy furs, warming candles and a myriad of pumpkins; so I shan't state the obvious by telling you to look out for these items! To some extent it's also obvious that we'll be styling the blankets with more blankets, but I think there will definitely be an even bigger surge in blanket purchases this year, as people struggle to pay their energy bills.

I've already heard that some people are saying they aren't going to put their heating on this winter, so I imagine there will be many more with the same idea, cosying up with blankets, wooly socks and hot chocolate, instead!

As we all know, accessorising is going to be cheaper than redecorating a room and, as people - whether we are a part of the online interiors community, or not - we like to have a little refresh as the seasons change; it stops us all feeling stagnant and it keeps our spirits up as the weather changes alter our moods.

Vases & Glasses

I've been seeing a lot of vases made from natural materials, such as wood, clay and glass, filled with dried flowers, autumn foliage and faux blooms in autumn shades; things like Pampas, Physalis (Chinese lanterns) and Anemone, among others are giving our homes a much needed splash of colour, as we grieve the losses of Peony, Sweet Pea and the beautiful scents that come with our summer blooms, for another year.

Coloured glass, in particular seems popular this year; and fluted/ribbed glass - which is my favourite - is adorning the shelves of stores all over the place, which is both wonderful and frustrating, as I really can't afford to buy everything I see, as much as I would like to!

Rockett St. George and Cox & Cox have some beautiful fluted glass vases in stock at the moment, but you can also find them at the likes of H&M, Dunelm, Homesense, The Range and BooHoo if you're looking for something a little cheaper. They are everywhere - so you'll not struggle to find one in your budget. Fluted glasses are also in stock in a lot of places if you're looking to switch up your drinks cabinet!

Ceramic Accessories

Ceramics are very much on trend as autumn rolls in; I mean, perhaps they always are at this time of year, but guess what? I'm talking 2022 and I need some content for this blog, so please ignore that small detail!

Emma Bridgewater is, as ever, on top of her game with gorgeous new releases that we all want to snap up. Imagine how many of her ranges some people must have out there! She constantly temps us with gorgeous motifs, and her beautiful designs are so eye-catching, I'd really struggle to choose just one collection if I were to buy some... which is why I haven't. Yet!

Vegetable Dinnerware

On the same subject with the nature theme is the absolutely stunning crockery range, Les Ottomans Raddicchio from Bertrando di Renzo with Liberty. This range was released around Christmas last year and their vegetable ranges stay in style for a long time; but with autumn around the corner, I can see these coming back out of the cupboards of those lucky enough to own them. The beautiful pinky-reds of the scalloped leaves really give a festive vibe at this time of year. They'll add extra warmth to your dinner party table as well as lending a gorgeously creative twist. Far better than the average dinnerware!

Cheaper versions can be found if you take some time to look; they certainly won't be as lovely, or detailed as the originals, but when you're on a tight budget, they'll work well for a close enough effect!


And that's it for this week; just a little something to keep your attention!

Let's see how any of these things you can spot now I've mentioned them!

Thank you so much for visiting; I'll see you next week!

Lots of love!

Evelyn M

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