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Finding your Bedroom Scheme

It can be a complicated thing - coming up with a scheme for your bedroom - and for some, more than others, it can be near impossible! There are so many things to consider, so many options and so many starting points, just where do you begin?!

Well, I'm here to help you with that as I give you some tips and tricks to finding the right scheme for your bedroom! Let's dive straight in, shall we?!

Who are You?

Beginning here is a great starting point. Who are you? Are you single? Do you have a partner? If you do, then who are they; who are you, together?

What do you really love? What are your favourite memories, or your special moments? What makes your heart burst with joy and your cheeks hurt from smiling? Do you want this feeling in your bedroom?

Start with a list:

What are your favourite colours?

Do you prefer dark colours, or light colours? Pastels, or inks? Neutrals or bolds?

Do you like pattern?

If so, what kind of patterns? Stripes, animal prints, florals, damasks, chintz... the list goes on!

Do you have a favourite style?

Are you traditional, or modern? Are you a coastal lover, or a country kind of person? Do you want the style to fit in with the period of your home, or do you prefer the transition between the two eras? Are you maximalist, minimalist, or a little in between? If you really can't decide on one style, perhaps you're more eclectic.

What are your favourite textures?

What do you like to feel in your hands, or under your feet? Do you like soft velvets, hard-wearing canvas materials, natural wools, or faux fur? Maybe you're all about rich cottons, or French linen. Do you prefer carpet or hard floors? Do you like rugs? What kind..?

Are there any particular artists, or art styles you like?

Is there a piece you've been dying to get for years and this is the perfect opportunity? Maybe you like a vast array of styles, or you're more an abstract art lover than you are a fine art one. Art is always a great place to start if you're struggling.

What are your favourite emotions and what do you want to feel most when you enter your bedroom?

Calm and relaxed? Romantic and passionate? Luxuriously pampered? Inspired and motivated? Think about this... do you want your room to be cosy, or light and airy?

What are you using the room for?

Is it just the room you sleep in? Do you connect with your partner in it and does it need to serve you well for keeping your relationship fresh and exciting? It is a teenage space, where friends gather, studies take place and motivation is paramount; or perhaps it's a small child's bedroom where learning who they are is what it's all about. This is a very important part of designing a room; it needs to serve its purpose well!

Up-cycling is a great way to save money and landfill!

Is anything staying put?

Are there any pieces of furniture you can't replace, or don't want to get rid of? How do you feel about these pieces? Is there any way of changing their appearance to make them better?

There are no right or wrong answers here; and even if you and your partner say different things, these can be compromised on. But that is why we do what we do; as interior designers, we are trained to work out ways of making things work, even if you and your significant other can't agree.

We will help you to find that middle ground - and that is why people use us.

I have this one item...

Discussing these points can be a great way to learn about what you really love and what you want to be surrounded by; and if you're still unsure at the end where to go with colours and textures, but there's something you already have that you love in particular, such as a special souvenir from a meaningful trip, or a certain cushion or piece of artwork, you can find a lot of the elements you need within that item.

Look at the colours in the item; feel the textures of it. Is there anything that stands out in particular to you? Is there a certain colour you could use within your scheme to make a feature of this item? Does the smell of it conjure up any emotions, memories or ideas?

A shelving unit and chest of drawers I painted to match my bedroom walls.

Where did you get it? What was the occasion and what is the significance of it to you? Why do you love it so much?

If it's an old piece of furniture that you don't want to part with, that can make things a little easier in terms of finding the style of decor to go with; but what if it's an old piece of furniture you can't part with just yet, despite not liking it much?

Can you alter it in any way to make it look better? Have you ever seen it in another colour in your mind and never had the courage to paint it? Now could be the time.

Is there a way you can make it stand out in a good way? Perhaps you could alter its appearance entirely with some furniture paint, fabric, or wallpaper..?

Given a new lease of life with paint and fabric.

Upcycling items we already have can be a great way to pull a scheme together and bring new life into something we would otherwise throw away. We're all trying to be more sustainable these days; our planet needs us to make changes and repurposing or refurbishing old items of furniture is one way we can save our rising landfill issues, as well as saving a little money in a world where costs are rising rapidly!

All of these things can help a scheme come together - and make it a scheme you truly love - for the long-term.

Bedroom Mood...

Another thing you'll want to think about when you're designing your bedroom is what mood you want to achieve; what are the overriding feelings you wish to evoke from your private space?

Always my romantic example...

Do you want to walk in and feel immediately relaxed in a cosy and welcoming room? Do you want to enter an intimate, romantic atmosphere? These questions can help you with your colour choices and the depth and hue of colours you choose. Perhaps the darker end of the spectrum is for you; rich velvets, dark flooring, heavy curtains, cosy rugs and dimly lit bulbs.

Maybe you want to walk in and feel re-energised, motivated and inspired to keep going until bedtime; you might prefer light, airy colours in this case, but you can use layered lighting to help manage the ambience when you need it to serve another purpose. Fresh linens, neutrals, pastels and light woods might serve you well here.

Do you want a bold impact? Drama? Maybe a feature ceiling and patterned wallpaper is for you? You can then use accent colours in the room to tone down your scheme, or make it even more outgoing! Lots of patterned fabrics, statement lighting and accessories will help to create the 'wow' factor in this room.

Plant Power

Let's not forget the power of plants! No matter what style your room, houseplants are a great addition to any design. They give us focus, help with our wellbeing and of course, they help to clean the air around us. You can choose certain varieties for different schemes, moods and levels of impact. They are amazing; always, always include plants into your rooms.

Biophilic design has really taken off since the pandemic; people all over the world were made to realise how important nature is to us; we all took it for granted and we now have a renewed sense of gratitude for all that nature gives us. I imagine it's even more important to those out there who weren't lucky enough to have a garden during lockdown.

Using wood in your design, sourcing products made from natural fibres, creating a living wall, adding curves, floral designs and scents, using nature's palette, opening the windows wide - choosing my favourite sheer curtains (for that linen-on-the-line feel) and of course, making use of recycled items are all great ways to bring us closer to nature and to make us feel like we're helping our wonderful planet to survive a little longer under the pressures and bad decisions we humans put it under.

Our outdoor surroundings are more important to us than we've ever known in our lifetimes; we need to keep reminding ourselves how essential nature is to everything in this world; but especially to our mental health and our emotions.

So, pop a few oversized palms in the corners of your bedrooms to help with your dramatic scheme; hang some macrame pots from your ceiling for that Scandinavian feeling of Hygge, or accessorise with romantic ferns and ivy plants to give your bedroom that cosy, relaxed feel you're after. Whatever your colours, whatever your style, plants will bring it together in the best possible way.

Enjoy Yourself!

Finally, designing a new room should be exciting! Yes, decorating is hard work; there is lots of upheaval, lots of choices, lots of effort - but there's also a whole new start in a whole new room to look forward to.

You are creating the room of your dreams, however you are able and that is so exciting! When you go to bed on that first day it is finished, you'll be in a whole new environment with new feelings, new views, smells, textures - and you'll wake up with new hope and inspiration.

The upheaval is worth it when you get to wake up every day in a bedroom you love.

So, hopefully these tips will help you; and if you're still lost - get in touch! I will make it easier!

As always, thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love!

Evelyn M

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