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Finding Your Niche: My 1:1 with Lisa Honiball

Starting a business is filled with fears, concerns and false beliefs; beliefs that you should be available to everyone, all the time and that you should take on anything and everything, in order to succeed and earn, no matter how you feel about the work you're doing. Because when you're new, you just need to grab whatever you can get, right?


I recently had a 1:1 consultation with Lisa Honiball. Lisa has run her own company, Honey Interior Design for over 12 years and is also the founder of a wonderful new community for interior designers of all levels of experience - Interior Design Insiders. As well as running these two full-time practices, Lisa also helps to support interior designers with her 1:1 business consultations, charged at an hourly rate.

Lisa is well worth her price tag; she really helped me to clarify where I want to take my business and made me realise that finding my niche is really important as a starting point. She spoke to me about my passions in regards to designing spaces and helped me to feel really excited about moving forward, making me see that I can just focus on the parts that I love the most and that I don't have to do things I'm not passionate about just because others do.

I highly recommend her to any interior designers who need a little guidance and support; whether you're new, like me and not sure where to start, or experienced like some of the other ladies, who have told me she really helped them to rediscover their passion and get back on track, having felt themselves lose a little of their love for the job. Lisa is so friendly, kind and generous with her advice; and she will really make you feel good about yourself and where you're heading. So, do get in touch with her if you need some encouragement.

Now... my niche!

Evelyn M Interiors, Specialising in...


You probably all know by now just how much I love bedrooms! I've always had a passion for the bedroom; I love to make a cosy, enveloping, mysterious space and where better to create that than the bedroom?

I have always been passionate about love and romance. For those who don't already know, I write erotic poetry in my spare time and have always had a fascination with everything connected to love. Years ago, I tried my hand at photography, focussing on weddings and 'morning after' shoots, but I also really wanted to take up boudoir photography. However, it turned out photography was just too difficult for me to do full-time with the various health conditions I have and so, I gave it up and rediscovered my passion for interior design instead.

I first became fascinated with the bedroom when I was given free reign to design my own when I was 15 years old... it left a lot to be desired! I chose two shades of bright orange for the walls, with a navy blue fleur-de-lys border and matching window swag. I thought it was so cool! But not as cool as my original idea to have the walls painted to look like a crypt, filled with skulls and flaming torches; an idea which was quickly rebuffed by my mum!

My fascination grew when it was said that, in order to invite romance into your relationship, you should paint a wall in your bedroom red - the colour of passion. That was enough to have me advising anybody I knew who was tired of their bedroom to paint it a lovely deep garnet red wherever possible and I really felt I'd imparted some amazing knowledge on them and really helped to bring love into their life!

Thankfully, over the years, I learned a little more about design and I no longer believe in rigid interior rules as much as I once did. Colour psychology is a great guide and there's definitely something in it, but ultimately I believe in doing what you love and what makes you happiest. Of course, some things do need to be taken into consideration in order to get the best results, but I believe there's much more you can do to create a romantic atmosphere than simply using red paint; and lets face it - red can be pretty toe-curling - in a bad way!

I created a romantic atmosphere in the master bedroom at home, using a deep teal shade on the walls and ceiling and painting the woodwork and furniture a slightly lighter shade, before accessorising with different shades of blue and accenting with gold. The result is a cosy, elegant space.

I love to use monochromatic design in a bedroom; the various shades, tones and tints of one colour really add depth and a sense of fun to a space for me. It can really make a room pop and come to life.

Of course, other schemes can also achieve this and I love to play around with colour, textures and pattern in order to make people smile and fall in love with their room - and hopefully, in turn, fall back in love with their life, relationship - or themselves.

Bedroom design, for me, is all about helping somebody to achieve their greatest needs from the space. Whether it's a couple who need a little injection of passion, a book-worm who needs a cosy, comforting space to read at night, somebody who needs to feel safe and restful while they tackle health issues, or simply a busy professional who needs to relax and recuperate after a long day at work - I love knowing that my designs have helped to achieve those needs.

For me, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. It's where we retreat to at the end of every day; if that day has been tough, it needs to hold and comfort us - and if it has been good, it needs to welcome us and make us smile. Whatever we do in our bedrooms, we need to do it with love, passion and a contented heart.

Sleep is so important for our health; and so too is waking up, refreshed and ready to face the day. Our bedrooms need to be comfortable enough to drift away in, but pleasing enough on the eye to make us want to get up and go with the rising sun. Achieving this can be a tricky feat, but with a designer who specialises in bedroom design, you can truly fulfil all of your desires - and hopefully more.

Specialising in bedrooms means that I can truly become an expert in the one room we need to function well for us on a physical and mental level; I can immerse myself in all the wonderful and exciting details to the point where it becomes second nature and I know that I'm giving you the absolute best of me and my skills, whilst also helping you to gain true comfort, rest and relaxation - and hopefully a little romance, too!

I will help you to find the right colours and patterns for your bedroom; those that sing to you whenever you enter the room. I will help you to find a good quality bed and comfortable, luxurious bedding to sink into at night. I will help you to accessorise with textures you love to touch, flooring your feet feel good on and lighting to create the mood(s) you want the most - whether it be making the most of the natural light, creating a cosy, romantic ambient glow, or a get-up-and-go task lighting for getting ready in the morning - we can talk through it all and make it work for you.

I will help you to choose window treatments and soft furnishings you'll fall in love with; storage options to make the most of the space and I plan to offer statement headboard designs at an added extra to those who love a bold feature. Whatever you want to create in your bedroom, I'll be there every step of the way to help you to achieve it!

I really can't wait to get started on this; bedrooms (as well as my other true love - the coffee shop) give me a real zest for life and I am absolutely obsessed with creating a sense of romance and passion; it truly is my number one love. Boutique hotels, here I come..!

But, of course, bedrooms don't just have to be all about adults; I get equally excited at the idea of creating a magical, mysterious and inspiring room for a child as I do about creating something personal and exciting for an adult. Statement ceilings, whimsical beds and favourite colours also get my creativity crawling the walls and my mind whirring with ideas of all that is possible.

Bedrooms are enchanting places; we grow in them and they take on our growing needs with love and compassion; so lets make them the best they can possibly be.

And it isn't all about super expensive furniture and brand new 'everything'; I also have some good ideas when it comes to transforming and upcycling what you already have. If it can be saved from landfill and it has good bones, then I can help you to make it feel like something new and interesting - as seen with this once-orange-pine chest of drawers and its now matching upcycled chair.

So, let's chat! Together, we can make your bedroom exactly what you've always wanted it to be.

Thank you so much for reading; I hope to work with you soon.

Let's make your bedroom your favourite room in the house!

Evelyn M

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