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Mauve Decor: Tones within the Granny Chic...

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Love it, or hate it, I think mauve tones are here to stay for a little while to come. I've been drawn to lilac, violet and mauve shades a lot recently and I believe it's going to be the next big colour in home decor and interior design. But how do you use it in a way that doesn't make your lounge look like your Granny's slippers, or your bedroom feel like you've been taken back to childhood? Well, let's take a look..!


I was never a fan of purple tones in interior design; lilac was always my Nan's favourite colour - "the healing colour", as she always called it - but I always thought it was tacky, granny-like (or child-like!) and well, just plain ugly!

But we grow, we learn, we change... and over the years, I have come to appreciate the variety of violet shades there are out there - especially as paint manufacturers have created a wider range since I was in my teens (a long time ago!).

We now have access to a much broader spectrum of tints, tones and shades within the colour wheel, which means we also have access to a much broader range of emotions, moods and feelings that these colours give us and that we can create with our skills and expertise in interior design.

Lilac is no longer the childish shade we pair with pink; violet is no more the colour we associate with Granny and mauve isn't seen as the muddy in-between it once was. These colours have had a resurgence and they come in so many new, modern varieties. Now we have heather and thistle, aubergine and fig, periwinkle and wisteria, orchid and puce - and a whole myriad of options to tickle our fancies!

I don't think I'll ever come to appreciate 'Purple' paint; it will always say 'Cadburys' to me! But here are some examples of decor from the purple spectrum that I can enjoy - and hopefully, you will too:

Aubergine / Eggplant

This stunning bathroom from the @kinandkasa Instagram account shows how beautiful this shade of purple can be.

The darker shades are often the trickiest for me to find joy in, but I really like this deep aubergine on the wooden paneling; it has a real decadence to it.

Imagine this in the evening, with low lighting as you relax in the bath with a glass of wine and some gentle music.


Deluxe Heritage: Wild Blackberry

Delux Heritage: Wild Blackberry

I love this shade of purple! Such a deep, velvety colour that is sure to give you a real feeling of cosiness in the evenings and a feeling of luxury all day long.

This is definitely a purple I can get on board with!



This beautiful, dusky shade gives me vintage romantic vibes. It's just the perfect shade for that antique, country feel.

This is a really good example of how lilac shades have improved over the years; this has none of the tacky, child-like feelings to it that I spoke of earlier - instead, it is mature, elegant and inviting. A truly gorgeous colour.

I can almost smell the flowers in the garden and the homely meal in the oven; I can hear the birds singing and the bees buzzing and have the sense of the breeze billowing among the sheets hanging on the line.

This colour is the shade for me. I love it!

Shengyou Toile, Iris

Shengyou Toile, Iris

Of course, using purples in decor doesn't have to be achieved by painting walls; wallpaper, murals, accessories, fabrics and furniture are all available in tons of shades of purple these days. If you don't want to smother your walls in a violet colour, how about trying a toile wallpaper, instead?

This stunning example is one way to create purple decor without going over the top, or overwhelming your senses. The white background breaks up the bold, so you can add it into the room elsewhere to bring your scheme together - as seen with this lovely purple chair.

Have a look online; I bet you'll find at least one design you fall in love with!

Nadia Olive Schnack's Lilac Kitchen

Nadia Olive Schnack's Lilac Kitchen

I love this kitchen! This lilac is fresh, modern and youthful; but not in a childish way! It has that perfect balance of fun and sophistication and really shows how good lilac can be when it is used correctly.

White is definitely the perfect pairing for this shade; it keeps it feeling clean, bright and airy.

Do you agree..?

Lick, Purple 01

Lick, Purple 01 (or, what I refer to as 'dusky lilac')

Of course, I couldn't write this blog without including my very own lilac decor!

This room is the first room I've decorated using lilac, having hated it my entire life. For some reason, this colour just felt right when it came to painting this room.

I am so pleased I chose it; it was the project which changed my opinion of lilac and started my journey into a more open mind. I've really come to love this colour as time has passed, so I'm rather pleased to see that it is finding new popularity in today's interiors.

I find this 'dusky lilac' really romantic and mysterious; it goes so well with the dark florals and the deep holly green on the walls and it gives the room a vintage glamour which I really wanted to feel. It's just perfect!

More Shades...

There are so many beautiful purple shades out there to play with; so here are a few more to give you some idea of what's available. If this doesn't convince you that a lilac room is a good idea for your home, then I don't know what will!

Mauve it on up!

So there's my little guide to some of the purple shades there are out there! I hope, if you were purple-averse like me, you now love the mauve hues just as much as I do. There are so many to choose from, I'm sure you'll find at least one you like. If not, there is no hope for you... mauve it on up and get out of here!

I think we'll be seeing lots of violets coming into the stores this summer; keep your eyes peeled to see if I'm right.

I was right about yellow, remember..?!

Thanks so much for reading,

Lots of love!

Evelyn M

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