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My Top 5 Favourite Bedrooms on Instagram

Bedrooms; if you've been following me for a while, then I won't need to tell you what they mean to me. As a lover of romance, passion and sensuality, what better room is there in the house to focus your creativity on these emotions, than in the bedroom? When you're passionate about elegance, luxury and intimacy, then where better to create a private haven for these things?

Our homes are our sanctuaries; every room is important and it is essential that we feel comfortable in any room we occupy. Every single space needs to meet its purpose in the best way for us and we need to feel safe, content and fulfilled whenever we walk through the door at the end of a long day.

But, in my opinion, no room is as important as our bedrooms. These rooms are truly our rooms; the one room where we can shut the door and block out the rest of the house, where nobody can (or should!) disturb us and where everything within, speaks about who we are and what we love. Our bedrooms hold the keys to our deepest, most sacred identities.

Just like Pinterest, Instagram is a great place to find inspiration from like-minded interior lovers. The interiors community is huge and there are so many people these days who know how to create stunning homes of their own. So, it has been no easy task to whittle down all of the bedrooms I love to just 5; I definitely could have doubled that, easily!

However, I know your time is valuable and I don't want to make you read forever; so, let's get on with it!

Rachel and I have followed one another on Instagram for years now and she is an amazing lady; not only is she super talented with interior decor, styling, art and DIY, she is also an award-winning blogger, a great mother to children with autism and a genuinely kind, supportive and caring sweetheart.

Rachel describes herself as "a modern maximalist; a lover of statement pieces, bold design and dark colours" - and, as you will see, her home in Devon is filled with gorgeously dark decor, all elegantly styled with beautiful pieces of furniture, vintage, eclectic finds and quirky artwork. Every room has a shiny pop of gold, adding to the feeling of luxury throughout.

Rachel's bedroom has been a favourite of mine ever since I found her; you all know I love a dark bedroom and you can't get much darker than black! But black doesn't mean dull and gloomy - and Rachel's bedroom proves this perfectly.

Black decor is mysterious, powerful, elegant and sophisticated. In colour psychology, black takes our minds to fancy dinner parties - little black dresses, black tie - and to high society and high fashion. Of course, for every positive, there is a negative and, for some, black can evoke feelings of anger and fear - but there's no need to worry about that in Rachel's room, because surely all you will feel when you look at it will be envy that it isn't yours!

It's an absolutely stunning bedroom and Rachel has styled it so beautifully; from the shapely armoires, which Rachel designed herself, to the amazing velvet bed-frame, right down to the classic prints and the wonderful pop of green that comes from the plants, there is nothing whatsoever I don't love about this room.

Rachel admits to being addicted to gold leaf and she threatens to gild anybody who stands still for too long; but who could fault an addiction that makes everything so glam and glitzy, like the fireplace and ornate mirror which hangs above it.

For me, Rachel's bedroom speaks of Georgian romance, butterflies in the tummy and the mystery of that love interest you haven't yet got the chance to know. It takes me back to the likes of Pride & Prejudice and all that heated tension between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, when they can't admit that they just want to kiss one another and you're sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting for it to finally happen!

Tell me you don't see that when you look at this bedroom!


If you watched interior shows in the 90s, then you might recognise Kathryn Rayward. I used to watch Kathryn's 'Real Rooms' show in 1997 and I always thought she seemed like such a sweet lady; never did I imagine back then that, one day, I would be able to call her a friend. And guess what? She really is such a sweet lady!

Kathryn has a beautiful soul; like me, she loves to make new friends and to connect with others through her love of interiors, art and literature - and she is so wonderfully creative and imaginative.

Kathryn splits her time between Brighton and France and she shares her lovely life, beautiful family and equally lovely decor with her followers on Instagram.

One of my favourite of Kathryn's rooms is her sweet French style bedroom. With lovely powder blue walls and painted panels, a wonderful old fireplace and stunning tiled floor, this room feels so timeless and romantic.

The absolute show-stopper in this room though, is the French bed where, hanging from an angelic antique coronet is a gorgeous canopy of crisp white voile and blue ticking stripe fabric - draping itself elegantly over the bedding, covered in a classic toile de jouy set

Vintage trinkets and paintings adorn the walls and surfaces in this lovely little room, giving it the homely vibe and classic romance that comes with French, country decor.

Kathryn has kept French style alive in this room and it's simply stunning.


Monika - @84_square

Monika and I have followed one another for a few years and she is so amazingly talented, I just know that there's so much more to come from her in the future; this lady will go far and she absolutely deserves to!

Monika up-cycles vintage furniture, creating incredibly stunning pieces, inspired by nature, curio, the gothic and the occult; giving them a whole new lease of life and a completely new identity.

Aside from this, Monika also makes beautiful pieces of artwork, featuring snakes and skulls, and she has also created a wonderfully dark and sumptuous home in Devon, which she shares with her Husband Tom and their super cute dogs!

I love Monika's bedroom because it's fairly similar to mine, in that we both chose dark colours with lilac hues and dark floral patterns. I also have Tom's artwork hanging above my bed, which gives it another little tie to Monika's style. Strangely, we actually decorated our bedrooms at around the same time, so we clearly have similar taste (great taste, that is!).

Sadly, I don't have a taxidermy peacock sitting in my bedroom, like Monika does in hers; and I'm very jealous of that! Monika also has a lovely array of curios in glass cloches sitting atop her gorgeous antique tallboy and beside that, a beautifully elegant floor mirror with a drawer beneath it.

Pretty vintage frames and mirrors adorn the walls of Monika's bedroom, adding all the elegance to the space and gorgeous vintage lamps add light to the room for that cosy, romantic atmosphere every bedroom should have.

Monika clearly has a fantastic eye for design and I can't wait to see more of her work in the future.


Amara's Instagram page showcases her huge talents in designing and decorating her rental home without making any permanent changes which will upset her landlord/lady. Amara's husband is an ex-Airforce pilot, which means the family has moved around a lot and they haven't been able to set up a permanent home of their own; Amara has therefore, become very creative in the art of making a home where you aren't allowed to decorate.

Amara's amazingly clever transformations and beautifully curated home have captured the attention of many high-end brands and media outlets who have featured her in their publications and social media accounts. She was even asked to judge the Sweetpea & Willow Home Influencer Awards, having been a runner-up in the previous year! Impressive stuff!

I love every room in Amara's house; if you've never seen her Instagram page, then I urge you to check it out. With ideas such as using duvet covers as temporary 'wallpaper', without ruining walls, covering unattractive tiles with sticky-back vinyl and creating easily removable galleries and cork walls, there are lots of great tips and tricks to help you make your rental home the space of your dreams.

But one of my favourite hacks of Amara's is in her beautiful guest bedroom, featuring a stunning feature headboard (you all know how much I love Kit Kemp!), soft jewel tones and her very own hand-painted 'wallpaper'.

Faced with bare magnolia walls that she isn't allowed to paint, Amara took to the bedroom with masking tape and some tester pots to work her magic. She stuck the tape to the walls in vertical stripes and then painted a simple floral pattern on top of the tape, creating her very own, classy decor and a mock wallpaper to be proud of. When the time comes to return the house to the owner(s), Amara can simply remove the masking tape and the walls will be exactly as they were when she moved in. Genius!

As well as being super talented as a DIY hacker, Amara also has an excellent eye for styling. She regularly uploads videos onto her page to show her followers how she achieves her amazing results and, as you can see, her guest bedroom was finished with a stunning hand-made statement headboard, turning a rather uninteresting bed into a masterpiece all on it's own.

The addition of jewel tone fabrics finishes the room beautifully; adding a much needed injection of colour into this plain, cream space.


Now, Nina's home is one of my favourite houses; I absolutely love seeing it pop up on my feed! Every single room is so beautiful; Nina has created a truly stunning home with a really sympathetic approach to the history of the gorgeous Edwardian house she lives in with her family and their darling kitties.

There's pattern, detail and glossy paint in abundance in this home and it couldn't be prettier. Nina's eye is so amazing; I really can't stress enough how much I want you to go and look at what she's achieved, so you can see how incredible her house is, too.

Edwardian houses are known for their large, airy rooms with lots of light and incredible features, but Nina has brought this old house back to life in such an awe-inspiring way, using Art Deco influences to bring it more up to date, whilst also keeping the character and history of the original building intact.

I really don't think I can choose a favourite room in Nina's house; every one is decorated in gorgeous colours, or stunning pattern and teamed with dark, shiny woodwork, taking us back to the lacquer doors of Art Deco interiors. Every room, but her daughter's bedroom, that is - which instead, has a really pretty coral-pink woodwork, which Nina says is very aptly named 'raspberry diva'.

This home is so, so beautiful; I really want to see it in the flesh (and meet Nina, of course, because she's lovely!). Although, if I ever do, Nina may have to prepare herself for me turning up with my suitcases and houseplants, because I may wish to never leave it!

Of course, this blog is all about bedrooms, as many of mine are; and so, I want to show you Nina's master bedroom because - oh my goodness - it is amazing!

One thing you'll notice as you look around the house is that Nina has very cleverly repeated the same colour palette throughout the entire property, without making every room feel the same. This can be pretty tricky to achieve, but Nina has made it look easy; and that, paired with her brilliant choices of antique furniture and vintage details, add a whole heap of extra charm to this unbelievable home.

In her bedroom, Nina has chosen a lovely Art Deco diamond print wallpaper in a lovely shade of green, which reflects onto the ceiling when the light comes in, giving the whole room a glorious apple-green glow - almost 'glow-in-the-dark green', like the tiles in the fireplace - which actually aren't as green as they look at all! It's all a trick of the light and I love it!

Either side of the chimney breast are full-length built in wardrobes, which Nina has painted in that rich, lacquer-like black gloss, helping to bounce the light around the room and give that perfect throw-back to Art Deco luxury. The floor, windows and woodwork have also been given a luxe lick of black paint, making all of the lighter colours in the room stand out beautifully.

Against the centre of the opposite wall is a wonderful brass bedstead, which Nina and her husband found on an antiques website; it is believed to have been made between 1910 and 1920, by Maple & Co., whose popularity was at its peak in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Nina says the bed is solid and, when they came to put it together, they discovered it had no screws or bolts and just slotted together. She says it weighs a tonne and doesn't squeak or creak at all! Things really aren't made the way they used to be; one very good reason why we need to protect and preserve antique furniture for the generations to come - and perhaps be more choosy about painting everything in garish colours that will need removing once we all decide the original piece was perfect just as it was!

(some people do it so well, but I've seen so many others who don't!).

In the centre of the room, lays a gloriously bold, red rug which Nina found on Etsy; it oozes vintage charm and ties in perfectly with the floral bedspread and red cushions - and is mirrored in the art above the fireplace, too.

What finishes this room off perfectly - as with any room - are the luscious green houseplants. Plant life makes any room better in my opinion; it adds a whole new element to a space and creates a sense of calm and peace, as it brings us closer to nature. A houseplant sitting against a black or a white surface is one of my favourite sights; it helps the green to pop so brilliantly against the background without colour and it just looks so pretty. Nina has popped plants in various places around this bedroom to add an extra level of grace and elegance to an already opulent space.

I hope you love Nina's home as much as I do. If you don't, we can't be friends.


Bonus Bedroom - Eilidh - @couthyhome

I couldn't scrap any of these lovely bedrooms in favour for another, so I've decided to show you one last favourite of mine (well, my favourite number is 6, after all) and that is the utterly bold and wonderfully dramatic, maximalist heaven of a bedroom that belongs to Eilidh.

I originally followed Couthy Home when I saw a scroll-stopping photo pop up of a gold bath tub sitting in the garden with a dog in it. I've wanted a gold bath tub for years! So Jealous!

In time, the Couthy gold bath tub was moved indoors, into an even stronger scroll-stopping bare stone wall room with antique mirrors and a stunning crystal chandelier. I remember seeing it and thinking, 'yes! I want that room!'

Since then, there have been many impressive photos of the Couthy residence, but none quite so impressive as the bedroom suite.

Decorated with a gorgeous Japanese mural by Hazel of Avalana Design on one wall, the bedroom is given it's cosy atmosphere with black walls, ceiling and floors. At one end is a graceful four-poster bed, adorned with heavy golden drapes, cozy bedding and a luxurious velvet bedspread; and against the walls, sit a selection of beautiful French antique pieces, including a mirrored armoire and an ornate gold mirror and console table with an array of stunning lamps and chandeliers placed in various areas throughout.

At the other end of the room is the incredible gold bath tub of dreams! With its glamorous lighting, its well placed mirror and it's rather random and quirky palm tree and giraffe (yes, that's what I said!), this space looks like an incredible place to unwind at the end of a stressful day.

It's a bedroom to make you smile; and it definitely has all the romance, creativity and drama that I love to see in a private space. It is certainly a bedroom where inner desires have been unleashed - and it is the ideal example of what I love to see a bedroom become.

Great job, Eilidh! I love it!


I hope you've enjoyed my 5 (okay, 6!) favourite Instagram bedrooms; and I hope I've managed to give you enough of a variation to display all the different styles I love to see and long to create for my clients - as well as showing you the different kind of designs which can bring a romantic vibe into your spaces.

Please make sure you check out these lovely people and their amazing homes; each of their instagram handles has a link to their pages.

Thank you so much for reading. Come back next week for 5 of my favourite wallpaper designers.

Lots of love!

Evelyn M

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