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The Colour Wheel: Analogous Design

Having discussed complimentary design with you last time, I'm now ready to share some analogous schemes with you. As before, I've created a few bedroom designs using the analogous scheme to show you how the colours can work together in a room. I hope you enjoy!


Analogous colour schemes are made up using three colours sitting beside one another on the colour wheel.

The combinations can be made up of three shades of one colour, or they can be make a palette of three different colours, depending on where on the wheel you take them from.

Palettes made from analogous schemes can be a little overwhelming if you use all three colours in equal measure, so it is recommended to allow one to be the dominant colour, whilst the other two serve as accents.

Examples of Analogous Design

Below are a selection of mood boards I've created in order to show you some examples analogous interior design:

The Colours

For this first design, I chose to work with three similar colours.

I decided I was going to design a little girl's bedroom and so was automatically drawn to the soft, comforting colours on the wheel.

I chose 'ballerina' pink, 'grape' purple and 'wisteria' violet; and decided that pink and violet would share the responsibility of being the dominant colours in the scheme.

The Design

I chose a pretty pink and white mural of trees with the idea that a pink ceiling would sit above; I then found a rug in matching colours for the white wooden floor.

The 'wisteria' came in, in the curtains, cushion, wardrobe and pendant lighting, whilst the lamp is in 'grape' purple.

I love this pretty scheme; it makes me think of long walks in a park on a sunny day.

The Colours

As a lover of monochromatic schemes, I decided to use three shades of one colour for the next design; an almost 'paprika' red-orange, 'nectarine' and 'sundance'.

This time I decided my imaginary client was a young lady - mid twenties, in need to a cosy space to spend her evenings after a long day at work.

She loves tropics and botanical prints.

The Design

For this bedroom, I chose a burnt orange leaf print mural and echoed the design with the artwork in opposite colours.

I chose 'sundance' for the other walls with matching rugs and voile curtains.

The outer curtains, bed, locker and plant pot are all in a darker orange for that cosy, comforting feel and I chose cushions to match the wallpaper and paint shades.

The Colours

This time, my 'clients' were a married couple in their forties. They have good careers and they work hard all week. Mrs Client loves to relax in the bedroom after a long bath and Mr Client just wants a part of the scheme to speak to him; his favourite colour is blue.

I decided to use the blue/green side of the wheel for their scheme, giving them both what they need. 'Sage' green is soothing and brings us closer to nature, which is exactly what Mrs Client needs; and 'sapphire' blue keeps Mr Client happy, whilst teal is a fine compromise of the two colours either side of it.

The Design

This stunning mural pulls all the colours together in one space, whilst the feature headboard picks out the light shades of blue and green within the scheme.

A green rug, bedside table and lampshade compliment the teal curtains and the glass of the lighting perfectly, whilst the cushions on the bed bring the whole scheme back together.

Mr Client loved it!

The Colours

This time I decided to add some yellow to my scheme; that lovely, pure, sunshiny yellow that is 'lemonade'.

I always connect yellow to summer days, and so green is one of the first obvious colours to partner with it for me (and pink, but that wouldn't be analogous!).

I decided to use 'new england ivy' and 'evergreen'.

The Design

A pretty Chinoiserie design was chosen for the wall mural, with all three colours being used on the other walls in blocking.

New England ivy was used as the curtains, cushions, pendant light and headboard, whilst evergreen was used for the rug, throw and single, round cushion on the bed.

Yellow was then brought in with a chair for reading, voile curtains and the bedside lamp - along with the knotted cushion for an extra little pop of sunshine!

The Colours

For this one, I returned to the green/blue side of the colour wheel with a little boy's bedroom in mind.

Although, I don't believe in the whole 'blue for boys, pink for girls' thing, I do believe a lot of boys and girls go for those colours themselves, whether it's something that is instilled in them by their parents, the media, or whatever the reason. So, I decided to go for 'Carolina' blue, 'mint' and 'sage'

The Design

I chose this fun Gecko wallpaper for this design, with blue being used on the bed, curtains and bedside lamp, mint/turquoise for the desk, chair and pendant light; and sage green in the throws and bedside table.

The carpet is a blue and white stripe and the voile curtains are also a mint green/white tone.

I think any little boy would be happy with this bedroom; do you agree?


And that's analogous design! I hope you like what you see and that you have more confidence to experiment with colours in your homes.

I am here to help if you need it and you can find my packages on the website if you'd like to hire me to do the design for you.

As always, thank you so much for reading. Speak soon!

Lots of love!

Evelyn M

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