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Top 5 Reasons to have a 'Duvet Day'

Who doesn't love a 'duvet day'? Whether we choose to stay in bed, sleeping all day, or take our duvet onto the sofa to curl up in front of the TV, having a duvet day is essential to our mental health and general wellbeing. In this blog, I'll list the top 5 reasons why having a duvet day is so good for our health.

So, pop the kettle on, grab your duvet and snuggle up as I tell you why your lazy day is well worth taking - for yourself!

Whether we're tired out from work, exhausted from stress, or simply drained from existing, taking a day to let ourselves relax, recover and re-energise is important. We all need time to rejuvenate and doing so under our duvets is possibly the best, most comforting way of doing it.

And here's why:

Time for Ourselves

In a world where our time is split so many ways, we barely get any to ourselves. Whether it's work taking up most of our time, or children we have to focus on 24/7, most of us are far too busy concentrating on other people, or other things, to save any time for ourselves.

Our own wellbeing should always come first; as the saying goes, we must take care of ourselves in order to be able to take care of others - but how many of us really get the chance to do that? Constantly having to spend time on other things, means that too many of us fail to take care of ourselves; and as a result, our mental and physical health can suffer.

We get ill, we get exhausted and we burn out.

So, taking a duvet day can feel like pure luxury; wrapping ourselves in our sheets, spreading out in bed, or cosying up on the sofa to read, or catch up on some of our favourite shows, could be just the thing we need to feel better.

A little time for ourselves instead of for someone else is so essential. Not only will it boost our mood, but it will allow our body some time to rest. And that doesn't only benefit us, but everyone around us too.

A Boost of Energy

Whilst a decent night's sleep, a good exercise routine and a healthy diet are what we all need to achieve in order to keep our energy levels at a premium, we all need a quick-fix now and again too.

Caffiene, chocolate and a burst of fresh air are all ways in which we can get a short-term energy boost; but so is a good lie in, a nice nap and - you guessed it - a duvet day!

Having a slow day underneath our duvet, allows us to relax, declutter our minds, sleep, catch up, rest, and unwind. Everything we need to boost our energy when it's low. So - take that duvet, get underneath it and nap away! You won't regret it!

Stress Relief

As adults, we tend to live highly stressful lives; whether we work for someone else, work for ourselves, live with chronic illness, are raising children, taking care of elderly or sick relatives, or dealing with something else entirely, we all encounter stress.

Life gets on top of us all and it is therefore important to take some time to de-stress in peace and quiet, comfort and safety. Lying back under our duvet, putting our phones on silent, signing out of socials and ignoring our emails for just a day, can relieve so much stress that we may not even realise we're dealing with.

We can't be 100% when we're stressed; so taking a duvet day is a service to all of those around us - not just ourselves!

Immunity Boost

Scientific research has proven that an additional hour or two of sleep in the morning - just once on a weekend - after a period of broken, or lost sleep - has genuine benefits for our mental health; it can also boost our brain power and increase our attention span.

Extra sleep can also benefit our immune system, helping to keep away colds, coughs and other illnesses. So, if you're starting to feel that your sickening for something, take a day out and have yourself a duvet day. The rest and relaxation could be just the thing you need to prevent any inconvenient sick days.

An Increase in Productivity & Motivation

Many of us hate to take a day out of our busy schedules to do nothing, because we feel we are wasting a day; but sometimes it is much needed to improve our productivity and motivation for the rest of the week.

When we overwork ourselves, our efficiency suffers; we make mistakes, fall behind, lose concentration and end up battling the need to stop what we're doing in order to let our brain catch up. Our motivation falls away and then we're left feeling inadequate.

Taking a day out to catch up on rest, not only increases our productivity, but it also hugely increases our motivation to do well. Our minds are refreshed, our bodies are rested and we are ready to face a new day with a clear head.

So you see - a duvet day is no waste of time! It is essential time management!


And there we have 5 very important reasons a duvet day is good for us! Book yourself a day off work, clean your bedding, put on your favourite pyjamas and curl up somewhere comfortable. You'll thank yourself for it later!

Thank you so much for reading, as always!

Lots of love

Evelyn M

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